Web Design FAQ

What do I need to start an online business?How long will it take to install my site?What is a favicon?What info do you need from me?Can you change the fonts or colours?Can matching items be bought in future?What format will the business card template be designed in?Can you incorporate a logo I already have into my design?What images do you need for my homepage?Can you help with photo editing?Where can I get my business cards printed?Can you add a slideshow to my homepage?What if my shopping cart is not compatible?Can I alter the layout or graphics of my design after purchase?Can I use my custom designed logo for all my 'branding' needs?
Firstly you will need to purchase your domain name and sign up for hosting with a compatible provider. You can purchase your domain name through the hosting provider or through another service like Godaddy.com. You then purchase the design from us that you like, complete the questionnaire we send you and we then customize and install your design for you. You then easily maintain your site through your storeadmin with our detailed tutorial to help you.
Installation typically takes between 5 and 10 working days, depending on whether we have all the information we need from you to customize and install your site. Often is can take less than this. Please ensure we have the correct password for your storeadmin as installation is slowed down when you have changed your password but have not told us the new one.
A favicon, or ‘favorite icon’ is a small, 16×16 image that is shown inside the browser’s location bar and bookmark menu when your site is called up. It is a good way to brand your site and increase it’s prominence in your visitor’s bookmark menu. It is the little red heart on our site.
Before we can customize and install your site, we need the following information:Your business name, Your slogan if you want one, Your welcome email from your hosting provider with your storeadmin and cpanel login details. If you ordered business card templates, we will need the info you want on your cards.
Our designs are generally sold ‘as is’ but if you want minor color or text changes, then we can do this from an extra $40 depending on difficulty of changes.
Yes, you can purchase any matching items at any time, just email us and let us know and we will send you a paypal invoice. Business card templates, hang tags, etc can be uploaded to Vistaprint to be printed for you, we do not print the cards for you ourselves.
All Business card templates are designed at high res 300dpi in .jpg format to upload to Vistaprint for printing.
Absolutely! We can add your logo to your header. We do, however, have to respect copyrights, so if you want us to alter your logo in any way, you first need the permission of the person who designed it for you. If you would like to use a logo that you have complete rights to, then you may submit that to us. If you are unsure of whether you own the rights to the logo, please contact the logo designer for verification.
The images we use on our designs are there for sample purposes only and you will need to email us the images you want used on your homepage so we can prepare them and install them for you. You can change these at any time, but if they are part of a collage, you will need us to change them for you for a small fee.
Sure, we can prepare your images for you for an additional $20 per 5 images.
Our designs are for uploading to Vistaprint for printing, where you simply upload the template made by us and place your order.
Yes we can, you will need to email us all the images you want included. This service starts from $50.
Wherever you wish to use another hosting provider, this is fine, but you will need to install the design yourself with the help of your hosting provider. We will email you the images and html code you will need.
No. You are purchasing the license to use the template for your site, you are not purchasing the rights to the layout or graphics, we retain ownership of all graphics and layout. If you wish to purchase the copyright to your graphics and layout, please contact us to discuss purchasing the correct license.
If your logo incorporates any kind of graphic purchased from a stock image site such as iStockphoto.com then you are only allowed to use that logo on your website, that is fine, but you are not allowed to use the logo for other purposes that identify your business with that graphic, ie business cards, T-shirts and promotional material.
If your logo does not make use of stock graphics then are free to use that logo for any branding of your business that you choose ONLY where you have the copyright ownership to that logo.